Nomiya, Haidhausen

Bavaria meets Japan. This Haidhausen favourite serves chilled local craft beer in traditional mugs along with freshly made sushi and one of the best bowls of ramen in town. What might initially sound like an usual concept in fact works brilliantly. Imagine replacing your usual pub snacks (aka cheese and onion crisps) with edamame beans or sizzling skewers from a charcoal grill.

Menu highlights include thinly sliced ​​Bavarian Spanferkelbraten with Japanese mayonnaise and finely chopped spring onions, or the squid and algae salad marinated in Japanese vinegar and sesame oil. All the skewers are excellent, but personal favourites include the lamb, mushrooms and halloumi.

The calm methodical chefs provide soothing viewing, while the usual crowd gathered around the bar are great for people watching. The food is delicious. The beer is chilled. And soon you too will feel like a local.

Opening times
Mon – Sun | 18:00 – 24.00 

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