MUN, Haidhausen

For those looking for a quick bite, MUN is not the place. Offering a 4 or 6 course tasting menu, this is the kind of venue where you get settled in for the night before losing track of which course you’re on and just how many glasses of wine you’ve had.

Every dish is a feast for the eyes, adding a punch of colour to the calm tones of the surrounding restaurant. MUN serves high-end Asian cuisine with a modern twist, combining influences from Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Highlights at a recent visit included miso duck & kimchi aioli, albacore sashimi and monkfish & “forbidden” black risotto (forbidden as black rice used to be exclusively reserved for Chinese Emperors).

Watching one exquisite dish after another leave the kitchen, it’s hard to believe that Mun Kim (after whom the restaurant is named) actually started out in a completely different field: banking. Working for many years in New York and Los Angeles, it was only when the financial crisis hit and he found himself without a job that he began to focus on cooking. Training under acclaimed sushi chef Makoto Okuwa in LA, the rest, as they say, is history.

The tasting menu is accompanied by perfectly paired wines, mostly European, many German. Since arriving in the country, Mun’s partner Cary (who can normally be found chatting to guests) has become a huge fan of Riesling. “It’s the perfect accompaniment to sushi,” he exclaims. Highly-informed and happy to share his insights and experiences with diners, any questions about the food or drinks menu should be directed to him. From what he told us, he’s already befriended most of the country’s winemakers.

Whilst a trip to MUN doesn’t come cheap, it is most definitely worth it. The skill, service and food is very hard to top in this city.

MUN Restaurant and Bar, Innere Wiener Straße 18, 81667 München

Opening times
Tue – Thu (and Sunday) | 17:30 – 23:00
Friday and Sat | 17:30 – 24:00
Closed Mondays 

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