Best Bites: Haidhausen

Haidhausen is full of places to eat. In fact the number of slices of cake available could well be larger than the number of people looking for a parking space. And that’s a lot. From bars, restaurants and cafes that have been part of the furniture for years, to new kids on the block changing up the local scene, we bring you our top spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks in the hood.

Breakfast at Kaffee Küche

With a sign outside saying “soup of the day: coffee” you could easily assume their food menu is limited. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Especially when it comes to breakfast. We’re talking homemade cakes, quiches, sandwiches, bagels, filled croissants, muesli and bread with different spreads of your choice (a personal favourite is the honey and thyme cream cheese).

Lunch at Nana – Meze and Wine 

Tel Aviv in Munich. It’s hard to walk past this place without feeling a twinge of food envy. The appetising mezze dishes of Baba Ghanoush, beetroot salad with bulgar or the Israeli coleslaw with apple and nectarine are hard to ignore. The envy will increase upon sight of the large hummus plates and sizzling iron pans of shashuka. But what will most likely get you in the end is Jörg – one of the owners – who you’ll immediately spot running from table to table, enthusiastically serving guests and recommending wines. His love for Nana’s menu is infectious, and before you know it, you’ll be sitting down and ordering a huge spread.

And if you are short of time, we have good news: In 2018, they opened a new location offering delicious “fast” food to take away called Nana Eat and Run (Steinstr. 85).

Coffee and Cake at Café Noel

Noel is run by a couple. One half from Greece, the other from Morocco. The two of them are always there: cooking, baking, serving, chatting. Although this cafe is being allocated to the coffee section, Café Noel actually does a pretty good cup of tea! Row upon row of fresh leaves line the shelves. And then you get to the pastry lineup of homemade cheesecakes, profiteroles and individual lemon meringue pies: it’s never been harder to make a guilty decision.

Dinner at Polka 

Opened in 2016, Polka is a gastronomic gem. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients, the dishes here always work with what is available at different times of the year. Whether crunchy greens in summer, pumpkins in autumn or rhubarb in the spring, you can be sure your food hasn’t travelled far to reach your plate. At the bottom of the menu, you will find a list of local farmers as well as the producers who supply the cheese, fish and meat.

Drinks at Lollo Rosso 

A great neighbourhood bar – pretty similar to a local pub. In the summer, people sit outside sipping chilled white wine, while in the winter, candle-light and wood-panelled walls create a warm and inviting atmosphere to spend an evening. Gin fans will enjoy the many different varieties on offer, including The Duke, Bavarka and Granit – all from Bavaria. Speaking of local Bavarian brews, potato vodka anyone?

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