Best Bites: Healthy Food

A growing number of healthy eating joints are sprouting up across Munich, bringing quinoa, açaí bowls and green smoothies to the city. We bring you our favourite healthy bites.

Deli Kitchen

With less quinoa and more potatoes; Deli Kitchen serves wholesome vegetarian food (lunch only). Think tagines, vegetable lasagna, gratins and soup. The menu changes daily, but there are definitely some regular classics. For those who can’t decide it is possible to go for a menu, combining a smaller portion of the soup, the salad and one main dish. The cake counter offering homemade raw peanut bars, orange and ginger cake, banana bread and zucchini loaf is hard to miss or ignore. And despite your best intentions, more often than not you leave with a slice.

Aloha Poke

Uber-hip Aloha Poke is bringing one of the hottest food trends from US cities to a Bavarian city. Originally from Hawaii, poke bowls are essentially fresh fish salads packed with raw fish, vegetables, rice, fruit, nuts and seeds. Made to order, guests at Aloha Poke can choose which combination of ingredients to add to a large of medium bowl. The surf-shack style location is laid back and friendly, briefly transporting you to warmer climates and carefree days.

Stereo Café

Located in the city centre, Stereo Café is popular with hungry shoppers from Maximilianstraße. The healthy dishes here are plentiful but sandwiched between some naughtier options. But don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed when your plate of greens arrives next to someone else’s roast beef burger. The salads are huge with extras such as smoked salmon, tuna and piri piri chicken. Similar toppings can also be added to a base of melon and quinoa. Real highlights are the salmon tartar and the ultimate health food favourite: smashed avocado on whole grain toast.

Emmi’s Kitchen 

With two small shops in the city, Emmi’s Kitchen offers vegetarian, mostly vegan, food. Regular warm dishes include chilli sin carne, “Altbayerisches” potato goulash and lentil stew. For those wanting to add a touch of colour, try the salads or the chia and açaí bowls packed with fruit, oats and seeds. Run by young couple Götz und Jenny Möglinger, the first store can be found nestled among kebab shops on Rosenheimerstraße. The second is, perhaps more-fittingly, connected to a yoga studio in Glockenbachviertel.

Urban Soup 

Serving drinks in jars is fairly normal days, but it seems soup is now catching on. Urban Soup serves delicious blends in two different glass sizes: one providing a full meal and the other a snack. The idea is to reduce waste and provide a more sustainable form of fast food. Guests can return the jar after use or keep it for future refills. Soup options include butternut roasted chicken, pumpkin and chestnut, and Himalayan dhal. All of them are… souper.

Cafe Daddy Longlegs

One of the first places in Munich to serve bowls, this place offers two base options and a multitude of toppings. The first base – Beach Bowl – is sweet, with açaí, gurana, banana and oats. The second base – the Earth Bowl – is savoury, with spinach, quinoa, avocado, carrot and red cabbage. Customise with extras of your choice, grab a smoothie to go with it and grab a seat in this popular and trendy cafe.

Bowls and Blenders  

A candy shop of superfoods. With a counter laden with nutritious-looking ingredients and a website explaining the health benefits of each, it’s easy to get your vitamin fix. Start the day off with a breakfast bowl, including the much-recommended Hangover Bowl, or go for a more substantial combo for lunch or dinner (they are open until 9pm). We love the Wellbeing Buddha Bowl with avocado, pink hummus, sweet potato, kale salad, cashews, edamame and a balsamic-peanut butter sauce. The award fror most creative name however goes to the Pablo Esco-bowl!

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